King Ra Suma Ba Ifagemi

A graduate of Columbia and Princeton Universities, Nesu-Bit Ra Sema Ba Ifagbemi is the world's first openly Gay Ifa Babalawo and Kamitic High Priest. It was His Royal Highness, King Oseijeman Adefunmi the I, who first revealed to Nesu-Bit, King Ra Sema Ba Ifagbemi that he was to establish a new spiritual order.

Nesu-bit Ra Sema ba Ifagbemi was Initiated in the rainforests of Nigeria by Chief Afolabi Epega--an Ifa Babalawo whose spiritual lineage can be traced back to the 1400's A.D. Nesu-Bit Ra Sema Ba Ifagbemi was crowned in Africa as a spiritual king by Obatala and Shango, revealing that Nesu-Bit Ra Sema Ba Ifagbemi has come to save the spirits of his people through the power of knowledge, sound, and African astronomy.

Author of "Ancestors: Hidden Hands, Healing Spirits", and of "Obi Abata--The Little Oracle that Goes a Long Way", Nesu-Bit Ra Sema Ba Ifagbemi has divined and trained thousands of individuals in the spiritual traditions of Ancient Egypt for over 15 years.

His focus now is exclusively on teaching the Golden Beetle of Ra Gay Shamanism system, sent to him by the great Oracle of Ifa, for the re-awakening of the African Gay tradition known as the Gatekeepers (in Dogon) and as the Aritiu or Hapiu (in Kamit/Black Egypt) for the healing of ourselves, our Gay community, and the planet.

As Pharaoh over the Gaytekeepers, Nesu Bit (which means King), Ra Ifagbemi Sema Ba is sworn to protect and defend the Gay Gods of Kemit, and to empower their presence in the world through connecting Gaytekeepers sonically to Ra through the Gaytes of the Kemetic shamanic star calendars and ancient hieroglyphs.