The School 0f Tihuti

African Prophecy through Divination, Astrology, and Calendar Rituals

Welcome to the SCHOOL OF TIHUTI.  This school is designed to initiate Gay men into His Royal Highness' deepest teachings on: African Divination (the Holy Oracle of Ra & Ifa Babalawo initiations), Kemetic Astrology Prophecy, and the science of Kemetic Voodoo rituals. 

This school, which is open to all Gay men, is a branch of the Royal Guild of Prophets and Voodoo Craft, and as such is a very intensive training.  It is the Olympics of African mystical training, and equivalent to enrolling in spiritual graduate school.

Sign in below, submitting several photos of yourself, and an essay on why you wish to enroll in this program.  Be sure to include your past spiritual background and affiliations, your educational background, your birth date, birth time, and birth place, your legal name, and a bit on when you came out the closet and on your experience coming out as a Gay man. 

We look forward to hearing from you and to helping creating 1,000,000 Gay Kemetic sages on to help save the Earth.