Chakra Initiation Membership


Hotepu, and Welcome to your Membership Page


In response to the public's overwhelming request for classes and teachings that are affordable and of high spiritual quality, His Highness King Ra Suma Ba has created the Golden Beetle Membership site.  Access to the information and classes listed below would normally cost tens of thousands of dollars.  But through Membership, the majority of people can find important spiritual food from Ancient Kemet. 

What do you get with membership?

  • Access to monthly training in the Chakras--the Science of Unlimited Inner Power.  Do not miss this training.  Nowhere on the entire planet are the chakras' secrets revealed to this extent
  • Access to monthly information on Words of Power
  • Access to monthly Kemetic (Egyptian) astrology lessons and insights
  • Access to training in how to speak the Ancient Kemetic language
  • Access to many of King Ra Suma Ba's secret teachings

What does Membership cost?

  • Only $55.00 dollars per month!  That's it!

Sign up now, and enjoy velvet rope entry into classes kept secret from the general public for centuries.