the Way of the Golden Beetle

In the beginning there was the Great Androgynous Source, the Land of Unlimited Potentials. Within this cosmic egg were two unlimited Gods, Amun, cosmic mind, and Nu, endless, formless matter. In this hidden land, nothing moved, stillness reigned. It was peaceful. Then a desire to release its potentials sparked within this void, triggering a big bang of creation, ushering in all things in the Universe.

The most important part to this brief introduction to Ancient Egyptian cosmology is the phrase “androgynous”. Creation was born from a state that was neither male nor female, but an original gender that was beyond dualisms. African cosmology is not merely the description of the physical order that engendered the Universe, but more importantly of the process that will create an ordered, divine life within you. Thus, the cosmology here is letting you know that at the root of you, right now, is a being or state of Androgyneity, and that state is the wellspring of all of your creative potentials.

Imagine that the Androgynous source is an egg, and the electric (“male”)and magnetic (“female”) factors are a dipole within that egg. Some humans come to Earth dominated with the memory of the Androgyneity of the egg (i.e., Gays and Lesbians), others come dominated with the ways of the electric pole (heterosexual males), and others come as avatars favoring the magnetic pole (heterosexual females). Each group has its part of the Universe to keep alive. Each group has its own gates to keep.

The phrase, “Gatekeepers”, is one used by Africa’s Dogon priests of Mali, to describe, in particular, their Gay and Lesbian citizens. Such Gatekeepers are gifted by the Creator with the unshakeable memory of life’s androgynous source i.e., reproduction within oneself. Single celled organisms, some invertebrates, and some fish also remember this hermaphroditic power on a biological level. Heterosexual reproduction is real, but so is hermaphroditic reproduction. To say that the only proper sexual expression is heterosexual is to ignore the vast truths of Nature. The Dogon, who say that they are priests from Ancient Egypt who migrated westwards into Mali, state that the Gays and Lesbians were given fewer numbers by the Creator, but greater gates. Gay people are able to open any and all gates, i.e., any and all states of consciousness and energy, whereas the straights are primarily limited to their male or female gates. In exchange for straight people’s lack of power over the gates, the Creator gave them greater numbers. It all balances out in the end.

King Ra Suma Ba