To begin, please watch the following introductory video, featuring an important message from King Ra Suma Ba himself:


Welcome to this adventure in healing in the Sahu-Orion Healing Arts!  You will be learning many wonderful healing techniques for yourself, your loved ones, your community and your planet.  Learn at your own pace simply by accessing classes online via YouTube videos.  And all of the classes are absolutely FREE!  We invite you to share this message and these classes with others.

The password to access this page is "sahuorion42"

What you will get from the class:

  • Specific healing techniques whereby you will absorb the powers of the Earth, stars and your environment
  • Healing skills will affect your body, your moods, state of mind, money, career, friendships, and so much more
  • Learn to project this energy to others and your environment to heal them as well
  • Certification available upon completion of assignments given through YouTube classes

In preparation of classes, please do the following:

  1. In order to access Sahu-Orion classes, please subscribe to YouTube Channel
  2. Classes will also be announced via invitation by 'Liking' Facebook page:
  3. Please check your emails regularly, we will be announcing date of the commencement of classes shortly.
  4. You will receive a URL through which you may access class materials and communication.

May we all unite in taking responsibility for our healing and in making a heartfelt and positive difference in our world.