WELCOME TO THE vault series

Pop up special!!

To begin, please watch the following introductory video, featuring an important message from King Ra Suma Ba himself:


The Secret powers of gems, stones, and crystal + an introduction to Master Astrology Prediction techniques,(No Birth Time Required) 2 for for one limited time pop up special. The Class is price is $5000.00

Seating is limited, sign up Now!

What you will get from the class:

  • Specific healing techniques whereby you will absorb the powers of the Earth, stars and your environment through gem stones and crystals

  • Learn the Healing powers of how crystals will affect your body, your moods, state of mind, money, career, friendships, and so much more

  • Learn to project this energy from crystals stones and others to heal them as well

  • Ask about our certification program

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May we all unite in taking responsibility for our healing and in making a heartfelt and positive difference in our world.