Third Eye Heka

Third Eye Heka


This song is filled with the Kemetic words of power that open your subconscious and chakras to opening your third eye for intuition, projection, and protection.  Use to gain insight into a person or situation, or to see the real deal with compassion and understanding.  If you don't know what path to take for your career, a partner, or a friend, close your eyes seeing an open book of blank pages in an Egyptian temple, picture your friend or situation on one page, and on the opposite page see the words, "Guide me, for my sincere heart seeks to know", play the chant, and then either wait until an answer appears on that page or go to sleep/take a nap with the intent of waking up with a clear answer.  For serious life questions, it's best to accompany this meditation with an Oracle Reading from the throne of King Ra Suma Ba Ifagbemi. 

All parts were written by and sung by His Royal Highness, King Ra Suma Ba.

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