Root Chakra Just Do It Heka

Root Chakra Just Do It Heka


This song is filled with the Kemetic words of power that open your subconscious and chakras to awaken and strengthen the Kundalini/Ra (life force) in your root chakra.  The root chakras controls the Earth element and thus all your material and physical/health needs.  This chant makes you get up off your bum to go out and make a living, make a difference in the world.  It forces you to get results and stop any bellyaching and whining about your life.  Chant only during the daylight hours, when the sun is still up, or else you won't be able to sleep at night.  If the chant's heat give your head a feeling of congestion or heat, place you mind down in your feet sensing the coolness of the earth to help ground the energy.  Be sure to eat lots of roughage in your diet when chanting with these words of power.

All parts were written by and sung by His Royal Highness, King Ra Suma Ba.

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