Kemetic Chakra Intiation: The 50 Hekau-Level 1

Kemetic Chakra Intiation: The 50 Hekau-Level 1

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For the first time in modern history, all 50 words of power (Hekau) of the chakras will be taught in depth, including their specific secret powers, the Gods that rule each sound, and much, much more.  One sound magnetizes wealth.  Another brings fame.  Others, still bring love, career, or protection from enemies.  These sounds were designed by the Universe to grant humans the power to provide for all of their physical, economic, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs.  Come learn these ancient powers so you can create your life's dreams through divine sound. 

Date: Ra Day (Sunday), January 8, 2016 @ 12:00 pm, EDT
The class will be taught via a computer conference call.  You will be emailed the log-in information before the class.

VIP Initiation -- only $1200.00: This includes all 50 chakra Hekau with a bonus gift of the 50 secret Hekau of Amun, FOR A TOTAL OF 100 HEKAU! These words of power WILL awaken your higher levels of consciousness and brain centers, allowing you to manifest your life's dreams with ease. (Highly Recomennded)

General Initiation -- only $800.00: This includes general initiation into 32 of the 50 Hekau.

Basic Initiation -- only $400.00: This includes basic initiation into 16 of the 50 Hekau


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